are designed for intermediate to expert surfers looking for a board that would be suitable for most 2-6ft standard conditions.  It has elements of speed generating and speed control.  Comes standard as a thruster (3) fin set up.  Boards should be 2-4 (Expert) or 4-6 (intermediate) inches taller than your actual height.

                                                  are designed for generating speed in under 4ft conditions, usually 2 inches shorter than your standard board. Designed to maximize performance surfing in poor to average conditions.

                                            are designed for performance surfing with increased paddling ability and control in bigger more powerful 4-8ft conditions. Depending on ability usually 2 - 4 inches longer than your standard board.

                                          are the shorter, wider version of a contemporary short board suited for 2-6ft standard conditions with altered features to be more versatile in either smaller or bigger conditions by changing the fins from thruster (3) to quad (4) fin configuration. Positive attributes from other ranges gets incorporated into a performance based design for user friendly surfboards. Advanced surfers can benefit from surfing them much shorter than performance short boards and the Intermediate surfer benefits of the additional 25% volume that is achieved.

                                              are purely designed to handle surf under 2ft and generate has much speed as possible and maximize poor conditions.

                          signified the initial move towards shorter boards in the 70’s away from single fins and long boards. The wider outlines, flatter rockers and excessive volume make them suitable to this day in below standard conditions. Classic kneeboard type fishes have evolved to adapt modern characteristics of performance short boards such as rail shape, rocker and concave that make them more responsive and quick.

                                     designed for Intermediate to Intermediate/Beginner surfers looking for improved stability and volume while bridging the gap between hybrid short board and fun boards.

                       are user-friendly designs with increased paddling, flotation, stability and turning ability for Beginner and Intermediate/Beginner surfers looking for maximum fun factor in the learning curve.

                             are weapons used by experienced warriors to take on the most demanding conditions the ocean has to offer. From thick and hollow to riding mountains these boards are designed for the ultimate stability and control to ensure safety and survival.