Quality Custom Surfboard Shaper in Cape Town, South Africa


Dutchie Surfboards - StingerThe stinger is a recreation of a board designed by Ben Aipa in Hawaii in the early 70’s. This single fin design was ridden by all the hot young Hawaiian surfers, including Larry Bertleman, Dane Kealoha and Buttons. Wide nose with a very flat deck and high volume which makes them really easy to paddle. The cut away rail allows the board to pivot resulting in responsiveness and manoeuvrability. If you love the Feel of a retro surfboard this is a great option. It looks impressive and is fun to ride.

5’8 x 19.875 x 2.4375

5’10. 20 x 2.5

6’0 x 20.125 x 5625

6’2 x 20.375 x 625

6’4 x 20.5 x 2.685

6’6 x 20.625 x 2.75

6’8 x 20.75 x 2.8375

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