Quality Custom Surfboard Shaper in Cape Town, South Africa


Dutchie Surfboards - MiniThe Bob Simmons design better known as the Mini Simmons is not a old shape but represents retro style with a application of scientific theory. The board has maximum width creating least resistance and plays a key role in delivering kinetic energy, width also allows the hull to leave a clean wake. The bottom features a displacement hull pushing through the water as they have no hydrodynamic lift. The bottom is flat at the tail in order for the design to run on top of the water at high speeds. Smooth fast ride much like a slippery soap bar. Twin keel fin design, but can be ordered with various fin options.

5’5 x 22.625 x 3.0625

5’6 x 22.75 x 3.1875

5’8 x 22.875 x 3.3125

5’9 x 23 x 3.4375

5’10 x 23.125 x 3.5625

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