Quality Custom Surfboard Shaper in Cape Town, South Africa

Golden Gorilla

Dutchie Surfboards - Golden GuerillaA thruster short board for medium large to large surfers looking for a High Performance board that is smooth and powerful on the rail, yet quick and responsive for modern explosive surfing. More volume and outline curve than your existing pro model with a hip pulling the tail in creating control for powerful surfing on the rail, a wide tail block and extra tail rocker still allows for explosive release of the lip. Flattened rocker and deepened concave for turbo like speed. Comes standard with squash tail.

6’0 x 19.25 x 2.4375 – 29L

6’1 x 19.375 x 2.5 – 30.4L

6’2 x 19.5 x 2.5625 – 31.8L

6’3 x 19.625 x 2.625 – 33.3L

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