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1In case you were wondering were Ive been for the last two weeks and why Im not answering your call whether your board is done, I’ts because I have embarked on yet another trip up the east coast to lend my support to junior surfing and the events that the surf company’s putt up. Here is the story……2

My partner in this particular road trip was Warren Talbot the marketing manager at VANS, as he needed to be in Jbay the following week we thought it be a good idea to come up earlier and familiarize himself with the current crop of junior surfers. So we left Cape Town in miserable wet and cold conditions on Friday 20 September, at least the weather means waves up the East coast. We arrived at Seal Point a couple of hours later and booked in to our accommodation, food and some drinks with friends turned festive but we did manage to get to bed at a reasonable time ready for the next day. My purpose of being here was to co commentate the final event of the Billabong junior series. Along with fellow commentators Kai Linder, Tarryn Chudleigh and Tasha Mentasti we had an absolute blast with the extremely professional events team from  Billabong. The waves pumped for the juniors the entire event and the level of surfing is through the roof, with too many standouts to mention! It is a real honor and privileged to work at events like this and get such stoke from watching kids surf so good. The event concluded on Sunday and was followed by good times as everybody unwinding from a long event. The following Morning I played golf with good mate Q.J. the GM of Billabong Ernest Bendeman and some young Pro named Phil that tore us to pieces. With strong winds on the Snt Francis links it remains a day I would rather forget as it proves to be a tough course everytime I face it. We headed to Jbay and Settled into our home for the next week and made a big braai as it was National braai day, my favorite day of the year.3

Its Wednesday 25th and the start of the SA junior surfing champs presented by Hurley, VANS is a co sponsor of the event and I have been contracted to come help out in the booth at the event site as I am brand ambassoder. We are all good friends with everybody from Hurley and along with musician Farryl Purkiss we had a good time staying in a house together with good food and good times being the order of the day.

4During the day we would run competitions for the kids that showcased custom culture. A daily shoe design competition would see the winner of each day receive a pair of VANS hand painted exactly like their shoe design. We also made some shoes as trophies and keep sakes for various organisations that contributed to the event such as the NSRI, Christian surfers, Ninas, Supertubes Foundation and injured surfer Casey Grant, there was also a collaborated shoe between VANS and Hurley. The custom culture brought a great deal to the event and the kids really enjoyed it and was a great success. The surfing event itself incredibly coincided with the biggest swell of the year with a booming 10-12 ft peak on the Saturday that had the likes of Twiggy flying in to chase monster barrels.

The groms were incredible and charged the big swell with a fearless attitude. One of my kids Tristan Lev made the boy’s u/15 final and came fourth overall, a great result. I also gave a award of a custom shaped surfboard to the highest placed unsponsored surfer, This prize went to Dylan Wichmann with great surfing. A historic event with incredible performance levels with a incredibly professional team, ┬ájunior surfing sure is in good hands.

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A great week in the Eastern Cape comes to a close and its good see the loved ones after such a long trip, but its time to get back to and shape the boards for these future superstars.


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